Gran Domingo Anniversary Tournament with € 200,000 guaranteed

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This weekend I was playing online poker in the Gran Casino de Aranjuez. Among the different topics of conversation I had with the players, the Anniversary Tournament stood out.

There were doubts that stalked the players. See that the Great Sunday had € 200,000 guaranteed when it was usually € 20,000 what was distributed as a minimum had in the hands of the players. They could not believe that everything was good news. They believed that there was a cat locked somewhere.

They were surprised that the buy-in was still € 100. “But, are you sure that they will be only € 100?” I answered yes, that last year we already gave € 100,000, 1,500 players participated and we distributed € 157,600; so this year we put a major challenge, € 200,000 guaranteed and see if we reached the 3,000 participants.

“You’re crazy!”
“You’re not going to arrive.”
“But if we do not arrive, it’s good for the players” – he answered them. “If you do not reach the guaranteed is better for you because puts the amount that is not collected and if the guaranteed is exceeded the prizes will be giant”.
“Yes. But in the end it’s all for those who have more to spend, because if I can not afford a tournament of € 100, I do not care that they give € 20,000 or € 200,000. ”
“Take a look at the Anniversary Tournament page and you will see that you can qualify for free or for very little money.”

From always, has been dedicated to the amateur player, to those who like Fernando Pons, play for pleasure; those who have a job and have a hobby that is poker. That is why we care about players who do not want to play a lot of money; that’s why we have the best satellites.

But the best satellites vary according to the type of player and, therefore, we have prepared a calendar for all pockets.

The bulging pockets do not have to worry, they pay the € 100 entrance, and on November 6 at 20:35 they start playing.

The medium pockets have satellites of € 18, which are the simplest to classify.

In the case of the shortest pockets, there are satellites of € 1, several per day and that you qualify to € 18. So for only € 1 you have a fairly simple way to get to play the best tournament of the year.

And finally, for empty pockets, there are freerolls with tickets to both the Anniversary Tournament and the different satellites of € 1 and € 18. And no, it’s not a weekly freeroll that happens to match the day you’ve been with your friends and you have to choose. You have 15 freerolls a week.

Each day two freerolls with € 500 in tickets, a direct ticket to the Anniversary Tournament, 15 tickets to the € 18 satellites and 134 tickets to the € 1 tickets.

And on Sundays, in addition, a € 1,000 freeroll in prizes with 7 tickets to the Anniversary Tournament, 14 tickets to the satellites of € 18 and 49 tickets to the € 1 tickets.

In short, if you do not classify, it’s because you do not want to. With all the satellites there is impossible not to play on November 6 at 8:35 pm the Anniversary Tournament with € 200,000 guaranteed.

“And we go to the table that is going to finish the break and I eat the blinds. We are in a bubble and I am short, short. Let’s see if there is luck and I enter prizes “.

In the end, I was in 17th place, although I was about to be a bubble as it happened to me three years ago.

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